Mark Dickinson committed 9b8fc40

Fix failing itertools test: since revision 61118,
itertools.chain consumes its arguments lazily,
so chain(non_iterable) doesn't raise TypeError
until the first call to__next__. The test has
been changed to reflect this.

Committing this in during the code freeze; the
checkin was approved by Barry.

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File Lib/test/

                 self.assertEqual(list(chain(g(s))), list(g(s)))
                 self.assertEqual(list(chain(g(s), g(s))), list(g(s))+list(g(s)))
             self.assertRaises(TypeError, list, chain(X(s)))
-            self.assertRaises(TypeError, chain, N(s))
+            self.assertRaises(TypeError, list, chain(N(s)))
             self.assertRaises(ZeroDivisionError, list, chain(E(s)))
     def test_product(self):