Andrew Kuchling avatar Andrew Kuchling committed a60495b

[Bug #1545341] Let the 'classifiers' parameter be a tuple as well as a list.

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         body = StringIO.StringIO()
         for key, value in data.items():
             # handle multiple entries for the same name
-            if type(value) != type([]):
+            if type(value) not in (type([]), type( () )):
                 value = [value]
             for value in value:
                 value = unicode(value).encode("utf-8")
+- Bug #1545341: The 'classifier' keyword argument to the Distutils setup() 
+  function now accepts tuples as well as lists.
 - Bug #1560617: in pyclbr, return full module name not only for classes,
   but also for functions.
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