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Add two items; easy_install is now off the table, though pkgutil still is

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 % $Id$
-% The easy_install stuff
 % Describe the pkgutil module
 % Fix XXX comments
 % Count up the patches and bugs
                        '%H:%M:%S %Y-%m-%d')
+\item The \module{doctest} module gained a \code{SKIP} option that
+keeps an example from being executed at all.  This is intended for
+code snippets that are usage examples intended for the reader and
+aren't actually test cases.
 \item The \module{fileinput} module was made more flexible.
 Unicode filenames are now supported, and a \var{mode} parameter that
 defaults to \code{"r"} was added to the
 (Contributed by Antti Louko and  Diego Petten\`o.)
 % (Patch 1180695, 1212117)
+\item The Python debugger provided by the \module{pdb} module
+can now store lists of commands to execute when a breakpoint is
+reached and execution stops.  Once breakpoint #1 has been created,
+enter \samp{commands 1} and enter a series of commands to be executed,
+finishing the list with \samp{end}.  The command list can include
+commands that resume execution, such as \samp{continue} or
+\samp{next}.  (Contributed by Gr\'egoire Dooms.)
+% Patch 790710
 \item The \module{pickle} and \module{cPickle} modules no
 longer accept a return value of \code{None} from the
 \method{__reduce__()} method; the method must return a tuple of