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-\seepep{352}{}{PEP written by 
+\seepep{352}{Required Superclass for Exceptions}{PEP written by 
 Brett Cannon and Guido van Rossum; implemented by Brett Cannon.}
+\section{PEP 353: Using ssize_t as the index type}
+A wide-ranging change to Python's C API, using a new 
+\ctype{Py_ssize_t} type definition instead of \ctype{int}, 
+will permit the interpreter to handle more data on 64-bit platforms.
+This change doesn't affect Python's capacity on 32-bit platforms.
+This section will be expanded in future alpha releases.
+\seepep{353}{}{PEP written and implemented by Martin von L\"owis.}
 \section{PEP 357: The '__index__' method}
 The NumPy developers had a problem that could only be solved by adding
-\item XXX the pickle module no longer uses the deprecated bin parameter.
+\item The \module{pickle} module no longer uses the deprecated \var{bin} parameter.
 The author would like to thank the following people for offering
 suggestions, corrections and assistance with various drafts of this
-article: .
+article: no one yet.