Raymond Hettinger  committed ad253c0

Removed the PendingDeprecation warning from because it adds
little value while introducing incompatability with the version
being bugfixed.

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     def update(self, iterable):
         """Add all values from an iterable (such as a list or file)."""
-        import warnings
-        warnings.warn("The update() method is going to be deprecated; "
-                      "Use union_update() instead.",
-                      PendingDeprecationWarning, 2)
     def clear(self):
 - now runs under Py2.2.  In addition, the argument restrictions
   for most set methods (but not the operators) have been relaxed to
-  allow any iterable.  Also the Set.update() has been deprecated because
-  it duplicates Set.union_update().
+  allow any iterable.
 - Bug #801342:  random.sample() now accepts a Set as a possible argument.
   Previously, it insisted that the population argument be indexable.