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File Lib/

         This does not follow the procedure from the RFC to send Telnet
         IP and Synch; that doesn't seem to work with the servers I've
         tried.  Instead, just send the ABOR command as OOB data.'''
-        line = 'ABOR' + CRLF
+        line = b'ABOR' + B_CRLF
         if self.debugging > 1: print('*put urgent*', self.sanitize(line))
         self.sock.sendall(line, MSG_OOB)
         resp = self.getmultiline()
         if resp[:3] not in ('426', '225', '226'):
             raise error_proto(resp)
+        return resp
     def sendcmd(self, cmd):
         '''Send a command and return the response.'''

File Lib/test/

     def __init__(self, conn):
         asynchat.async_chat.__init__(self, conn)
+        # tells the socket to handle urgent data inline (ABOR command)
+        self.socket.setsockopt(socket.SOL_SOCKET, socket.SO_OOBINLINE, 1)
         self.in_buffer = []
         self.dtp = None
         self.push('221 quit ok')
+    def cmd_abor(self, arg):
+        self.push('226 abor ok')
     def cmd_stor(self, arg):
         self.push('125 stor ok')
         # Ensure the connection gets closed; sock attribute should be None
         self.assertEqual(self.client.sock, None)
+    def test_abort(self):
+        self.client.abort()
     def test_retrbinary(self):
         def callback(data):

File Misc/NEWS

File contents unchanged.