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File Doc/c-api/buffer.rst

       A pointer to the start of the memory for the object.
    .. cmember:: Py_ssize_t len
+      :noindex:
       The total length of the memory in bytes.
       An indicator of whether the buffer is read only.
    .. cmember:: const char *format
+      :noindex:
       A *NULL* terminated string in :mod:`struct` module style syntax giving the
       contents of the elements available through the buffer.  If this is *NULL*,

File Doc/glossary.rst

       versatile features like :attr:`__slots__`, descriptors, properties,
       :meth:`__getattribute__`, class methods, and static methods.
-      More information can be found in :ref:`newstyle`.
       Any data with state (attributes or value) and defined behavior
       (methods).  Also the ultimate base class of any :term:`new-style