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Martin von Löwis  committed aff6629

Patch #1494750: Destroy master after deleting children.

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File Lib/lib-tk/Tkinter.py

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     def destroy(self):
         """Destroy this and all descendants widgets."""
         for c in self.children.values(): c.destroy()
+        self.tk.call('destroy', self._w)
         if self.master.children.has_key(self._name):
             del self.master.children[self._name]
-        self.tk.call('destroy', self._w)
     def _do(self, name, args=()):
         # XXX Obsolete -- better use self.tk.call directly!

File Misc/NEWS

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+- Patch #1494750: Destroy master after deleting children in 
+  Tkinter.BaseWidget.
 - Patch #1096231: Add ``default`` argument to Tkinter.Wm.wm_iconbitmap.
 - Patch #763580: Add name and value arguments to Tkinter variable