Ezio Melotti avatar Ezio Melotti committed b206667

Fix buildbot failure in test_os.py

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    Roger E. Masse  revised strategy by Barry Warsaw
 from test.test_support import verbose,TestSkipped, import_module
+import warnings
 dl = import_module('dl', deprecated=True)
 sharedlibs = [
     ('/usr/lib/libc.so', 'getpid'),


 class URandomTests (unittest.TestCase):
     def test_urandom(self):
-            with test_support._check_py3k_warnings(
-                ('integer argument expected, got float', DeprecationWarning)):
+            with test_support.check_warnings():
                 self.assertEqual(len(os.urandom(1)), 1)
                 self.assertEqual(len(os.urandom(10)), 10)
                 self.assertEqual(len(os.urandom(100)), 100)
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