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r86348 | senthil.kumaran | 2010-11-09 10:36:59 +0800 (Tue, 09 Nov 2010) | 3 lines

Fix Issue10205 - XML QName error when different tags have same QName.

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     >>> elem = ET.Element(ET.QName("uri", "tag"))
     >>> serialize(elem) # 1.3
     '<ns0:tag xmlns:ns0="uri" />'
+    >>> elem = ET.Element(ET.QName("uri", "tag"))
+    >>> subelem = ET.SubElement(elem, ET.QName("uri", "tag1"))
+    >>> subelem = ET.SubElement(elem, ET.QName("uri", "tag2"))
+    >>> serialize(elem) # 1.4
+    '<ns0:tag xmlns:ns0="uri"><ns0:tag1 /><ns0:tag2 /></ns0:tag>'
     2) decorated attributes


         iterate = elem.getiterator # cET compatibility
     for elem in iterate():
         tag = elem.tag
-        if isinstance(tag, QName) and tag.text not in qnames:
-            add_qname(tag.text)
+        if isinstance(tag, QName):
+            if tag.text not in qnames:
+                add_qname(tag.text)
         elif isinstance(tag, basestring):
             if tag not in qnames:
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