Barry Warsaw committed b822fbd

Add code to read from master_fd in the parent, breaking when we get an OSError
(EIO can occur on Linux) or there's no more data to read. Without this, can hang on the waitpid() because the child is blocking on the
stdout write. This will definitely happen on Mac OS X and could potentially
happen on other platforms. See the comment for details.

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     debug("Waiting for child (%d) to finish."%pid)
+    # In verbose mode, we have to consume the debug output from the child or
+    # the child will block, causing this test to hang in the parent's
+    # waitpid() call.  The child blocks after a platform-dependent amount of
+    # data is written to its fd.  On Linux 2.6, it's 4000 bytes and the child
+    # won't block, but on OS X even the small writes in the child above will
+    # block it.  Also on Linux, the read() will throw an OSError (input/output
+    # error) when it tries to read past the end of the buffer but the child's
+    # already exited, so catch and discard those exceptions.  It's not worth
+    # checking for EIO.
+    while True:
+        try:
+            data =, 80)
+        except OSError:
+            break
+        if not data:
+            break
+        sys.stdout.write(data.replace('\r\n', '\n'))
     ##line =, 80)
     ##lines = line.replace('\r\n', '\n').split('\n')
     ##if False and lines != ['In child, calling os.setsid()',