Georg Brandl avatar Georg Brandl committed c3b1362

Fix pdb test failures on the buildbots.

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     -> test_pdb.do_nothing()
     (Pdb) step
-    > /home/gbr/devel/python/Lib/test/
+    >
     -> def do_nothing():
     (Pdb) longlist
     ...  ->     def do_nothing():
 def test_pdb_run_with_code_object():
     """Testing run and runeval with code object as a first argument.
-    >>> with PdbTestInput(['step','x', 'continue']):
+    >>> with PdbTestInput(['step','x', 'continue']):  # doctest: +ELLIPSIS
     ...     pdb_invoke('run', compile('x=1', '<string>', 'exec'))
-    > <string>(1)<module>()
+    > <string>(1)<module>()...
     (Pdb) step
     > <string>(1)<module>()->None
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