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+ACKS		Acknowledgements
+AIX-NOTES	Notes for building Python on AIX
 BLURB		A quick description of Python for newcomers
-BLURB.LUTZ	A very good blurb to show to TCL/Perl hackers
+BLURB.LUTZ	A testimonial from a converted Tcl/Perl hacker :-)
 COPYING		The GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENCE (needed because of autoconf)
 COPYRIGHT	The Python copyright notice
 FAQ		Frequently Asked Questions about Python (and answers)	Fix the copyright message (a yearly chore :-)
+HISTORY		News from previous releases -- oldest last
+Makefile	Used for administrative chores like cleaning up
+NEWS		News for this release
 README		The file you're reading now
+RFD		Request For Discussion about a Python newsgroup	Shell script to fix function pointer initializers
-python-mode.el	Emacs mode for editing Python programs (thanks again, Tim!)
+python-mode.el	Emacs mode for editing Python programs (thanks, Tim!)
+python.gif	4-level grayscale image of a Python (snake)	UNIX man page for the python interpreter	Script to renumber the sections in the FAQ