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added better description of BeOS changes from Donn Cave

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 - Darwin (Mac OS X):  Initial support for static builds on this
-- BeOS: Many changes were made to support compilation on BeOS 4.5 and
-  5.0. 
+- BeOS: A number of changes were made to the build and installation
+  process.  ar-fake now operates on a directory of object files.
+  dl_export.h is gone, and its macros now appear on the mwcc command
+  line during build on PPC BeOS.
+  Platform directory in lib/python2.0 is "plat-beos5" (or
+  "plat-beos4", if building on BeOS 4.5), rather than "plat-beos".
 - Cygwin: Support for shared libraries, Tkinter, and sockets.