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-What's New in IDLE 1.0.4?
+What's New in IDLE 1.0.4rc1?
-*Release date: XX-Jan-2005*
+*Release date: 26-Jan-2005*
 - On OpenBSD, terminating IDLE with ctrl-c from the command line caused a
   stuck subprocess MainThread because only the SocketThread was exiting.


-IDLE_VERSION = "1.0.4"
+IDLE_VERSION = "1.0.5c1"
 (editors: check for information about editing NEWS using ReST.)
-What's New in Python 2.3.5?
-*Release date: xx-xxx-2005*
+What's New in Python 2.3.5rc1?
+*Release date: 26-JAN-2005*
 Core and builtins
+- fixed to first lookup __copy__ from the instance being copied, 
+  rather than only looking at the type - this was broken in 2.3. 
 - Bug #1103844: fix distutils.install.dump_dirs() with negated options.
 - Bug #1067732: wininst --install-script doesn't leave residual files anymore.


 Windows Python BUILD numbers
+  61    2.3.5c1
+        26-Jan-2005
+  60    2.4
+        29-Nov-2004
+  59    2.4.0c1
+        7-Nov-2004
+  58    2.4.0b2
+        2-Nov-2004
+  57    2.4.0b1
+        15-Oct-2004
+  56    2.4.0a3
+        2-Sep-2004
+  55    2.4.0a2
+        4-Aug-2004
+  54    2.4.0a1
+        8-Jul-2004
   53    2.3.4 (final)
   52    2.3.4c1
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