Benjamin Peterson  committed cd08b00

change the named tuple returned by inspect.getfullargspec to have a 'kwonlydefaults' (as claimed by the docs) attribute instead of 'kwdefaults'

Fixes #4307
Reviewed by Christian

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     return ArgSpec(args, varargs, varkw, defaults)
 FullArgSpec = namedtuple('FullArgSpec',
-    'args, varargs, varkw, defaults, kwonlyargs, kwdefaults, annotations')
+    'args, varargs, varkw, defaults, kwonlyargs, kwonlydefaults, annotations')
 def getfullargspec(func):
     """Get the names and default values of a function's arguments.
 Peter Funk
 Geoff Furnish
 Ulisses Furquim
+Hagen Fürstenau
 Achim Gaedke
 Lele Gaifax
 Santiago Gala
+- Issue #4307: The named tuple that ``inspect.getfullargspec()`` returns now
+  uses ``kwonlydefaults`` instead of ``kwdefaults``.
 - Issue #4298: Fix a segfault when pickle.loads is passed a ill-formed input.
 - Issue #4283: Fix a left-over "iteritems" call in distutils.