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#3388: add a paragraph about using "with" for file objects.

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    ValueError: I/O operation on closed file
+It is good practice to use the :keyword:`with` keyword when dealing with file
+objects.  This has the advantage that the file is properly closed after its
+suite finishes, even if an exception is raised on the way.  It is also much
+shorter than writing equivalent :keyword:`try`\ -\ :keyword:`finally` blocks::
+    >>> with open('/tmp/workfile', 'r') as f:
+    ...     read_data = f.read()
+    >>> f.closed
+    True
 File objects have some additional methods, such as :meth:`isatty` and
 :meth:`truncate` which are less frequently used; consult the Library Reference
 for a complete guide to file objects.