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Add repeat keyword argument to itertools.product().

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File Doc/library/itertools.rst

    .. versionadded:: 2.6
-.. function:: product(*iterables)
+.. function:: product(*iterables[, repeat])
    Cartesian product of input iterables.
    so that if the inputs iterables are sorted, the product tuples are emitted
    in sorted order.
+   To compute the product of an iterable with itself, specify the number of
+   repetitions with the optional *repeat* keyword argument.  For example,
+   ``product(A, repeat=4)`` means the same as ``product(A, A, A, A)``.
    Equivalent to the following except that the actual implementation does not
    build-up intermediate results in memory::
-       def product(*args):
-           pools = map(tuple, args)
+       def product(*args, **kwds):
+           pools = map(tuple, args) * kwds.get('repeat', 1)
            if pools:            
                result = [[]]
                for pool in pools: