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#14434: make tutorial link in 'help' banner version-specific

Without this fix, both 2.7 and 3.x would always point to the "current"
docs...which means that before this fix python 3.2 'help' pointed to the 2.7

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 Welcome to Python %s!  This is the online help utility.
 If this is your first time using Python, you should definitely check out
-the tutorial on the Internet at
+the tutorial on the Internet at
 Enter the name of any module, keyword, or topic to get help on writing
 Python programs and using Python modules.  To quit this help utility and
 "keywords", or "topics".  Each module also comes with a one-line summary
 of what it does; to list the modules whose summaries contain a given word
 such as "spam", type "modules spam".
-''' % sys.version[:3])
+''' % tuple([sys.version[:3]]*2))
     def list(self, items, columns=4, width=80):
         items = list(sorted(items))