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Removed NumPy instructions. Add note about VC 4.0 vs. 4.2.

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 Microsoft Visual C++ Version 4.0 (32-bit Windows)
+(While we have done all our testing with VC version 4.0, we are
+confident that the same procedure will work for versions 4.1 and 4.2.)
 The distributed Makefile is vc40.mak.  This file is distributed with
 CRLF line separators, otherwise Developer Studio won't like it.  It
 will NOT work from this PC directory.  To use it, first copy it to the
 _tkinter    The optional _tkinter extension, _tkinter.dll; see below.
-NumPy, multiarray, fast_umath
-            Optional projects to build Numerical Python.
 ALl end products of the compilation are placed in the subdirectory
 vc40 (which Developer Studio creates); object files are placed in
 vc40/tmp.  There are no separate Release and Debug project variants. module must be on PYTHONPATH.  It is found in the
 Lib\tkinter subdirectory.
-*** How to build Numerical Python ***
-This has been tested only with NumPy 1.0alpha2.  Unpack the NumPy
-tarfile so that it creates a NumPy subdirectory in the Python
-distribution directory.  You need to create exports files
-NumPy/multiarray.def and NumPy/fast_umath.def (see PC/_tkinter.def for
-an example).  Then build the targets NumPy, multiarray and fast_umath,
-in that order.  To use Numerical Python you have to append NumPy/Lib
-to sys.path.
 Additional files and subdirectories for 32-bit Windows