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News for 2.1.2 final. This is good now.

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+What's New in Python 2.1.2 (final)?
+Changes in metadata:
+- Fixed the version numbers in the LICENSE, and the copyright date in
+  numerous places.
+- Fixed the instructions (in Doc/lib/libposix.tex) for building with
+  Large Filesystem Support (LFS).
+- Added GetArgv() docs in Mac UI chapter.
+- Some fixes to the Misc/NEWS file (e.g. the note about the new 32-bit
+  installer wasn't in the 2.1.2c1 release).
+One code change:
+- Backported a bugfix for importdl.c, SF patch #471839: Bug when
+  extensions import extensions.
 What's New in Python 2.1.2 (rc1)?
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