Florent Xicluna committed e17b160

Fix an oversight in r83294. unquote() should reject bytes. Issue #9301.

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                          "%s" % result)
         self.assertRaises((TypeError, AttributeError), urllib.parse.unquote, None)
         self.assertRaises((TypeError, AttributeError), urllib.parse.unquote, ())
+        self.assertRaises((TypeError, AttributeError), urllib.parse.unquote, b'')
     def test_unquoting_badpercent(self):
         # Test unquoting on bad percent-escapes


     unquote('abc%20def') -> 'abc def'.
-    if string in (b'', ''):
+    if string == '':
         return string
     res = string.split('%')
     if len(res) == 1:
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