Barry Warsaw committed e45b837

(py-mode-map): Bind py-mark-def-or-class to C-M-h with a different
spelling so that it doesn't clobber the standard M-BS binding. This
should be portable between X/Emacsen.

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     ;; who cares?  XEmacs 20 does the right thing with these too).
     (define-key py-mode-map [delete]    'py-electric-delete)
     (define-key py-mode-map [backspace] 'py-electric-backspace))
-  ;; marking interesting locations
-  (define-key py-mode-map "\e\C-h"    'py-mark-def-or-class)
+  ;; Separate M-BS from C-M-h.  The former should remain
+  ;; backward-kill-word.
+  (define-key py-mode-map [(control meta h)] 'py-mark-def-or-class)
   (define-key py-mode-map "\C-c\C-k"  'py-mark-block)
   ;; Miscellaneous
   (define-key py-mode-map "\C-c:"     'py-guess-indent-offset)