Anonymous committed e499c7d

Augmented the script so that (at CNRI anyway) it also invokes webmaker
to create the HTML.

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 import os
 import glob
+import string
 def main():
+    files = [''] + glob.glob('ref*.doc')
+    files.sort()
+    print "Files:", string.join(files)
+    print "Starting FrameMaker..."
     pipe = os.popen("fmbatch", 'w')
-    for i in [''] + glob.glob('ref*.doc'):
+    for i in files:
 	cmd = "Open %s\nSaveAs m %s %s.MIF\n" % (i, i, os.path.splitext(i)[0])
 	print cmd
+    sts = pipe.close()
+    if sts:
+	print "Exit status", hex(sts)
+    else:
+	print "Starting webmaker..."
+	os.system('/depot/sundry/src/webmaker/webmaker-sparc/webmaker -c ref.wml -t "Python 1.5 Reference Manual" ref.MIF')
 if __name__ == '__main__':
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