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Issue #6807: Run msisupport.mak earlier.

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+- Issue #6807: Run msisupport.mak earlier.
 - Issue #10580: Minor grammar change in Windows installer.
 - Issue #12627: Implement PEP 394 for Python 2.7 ("python2").
 have_mingw = build_mingw_lib(lib_file, def_file, dll_file, mingw_lib)
 # Determine the target architecture
+if os.system("nmake /nologo /c /f msisupport.mak") != 0:
+    raise RuntimeError("'nmake /f msisupport.mak' failed")
 dll_path = os.path.join(srcdir, PCBUILD, dll_file)
 if msilib.pe_type(dll_path) != msilib.pe_type("msisupport.dll"):
     # UpdateEditIDLE sets the REGISTRY.tcl component into
     # the installed/uninstalled state according to both the
     # Extensions and TclTk features.
-    if os.system("nmake /nologo /c /f msisupport.mak") != 0:
-        raise "'nmake /f msisupport.mak' failed"
     add_data(db, "Binary", [("Script", msilib.Binary("msisupport.dll"))])
     # See "Custom Action Type 1"
     if msilib.Win64:
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