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Fix the test for SocketServer so it should pass on cygwin and not fail
sporadically on other platforms. This is really a band-aid that doesn't
fix the underlying issue in SocketServer. It's not clear if it's worth
it to fix SocketServer, however, I opened a bug to track it:

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     if hasattr(os, 'fork') and not in ('os2',):
+def sloppy_cleanup():
+    # See
+    # We need to reap children here otherwise a child from one server
+    # can be left running for the next server and cause a test failure.
+    time.sleep(DELAY)
+    reap_children()
 def testall():
     testloop(socket.AF_INET, tcpservers, MyStreamHandler, teststream)
+    sloppy_cleanup()
     testloop(socket.AF_INET, udpservers, MyDatagramHandler, testdgram)
     if hasattr(socket, 'AF_UNIX'):
+        sloppy_cleanup()
         testloop(socket.AF_UNIX, streamservers, MyStreamHandler, teststream)
         # Alas, on Linux (at least) recvfrom() doesn't return a meaningful
         # client address so this cannot work:
+- test_socketserver should now work on cygwin and not fail sporadically
+  on other platforms.
 - test_mailbox should now work on cygwin versions 2006-08-10 and later.
 - Bug #1535182: really test the xreadlines() method of bz2 objects.