Guido van Rossum  committed f0f9b2e

Add tests for re.L(OCALE).

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File Lib/test/

 except AssertionError:
     raise TestFailed, 're module constants'
-for flags in [re.I, re.M, re.X, re.S]:
+for flags in [re.I, re.M, re.X, re.S, re.L]:
 	r = re.compile('^pattern$', flags)
             if result==None:
                 print '=== Fails on case-insensitive match', t
+            # Try the match with LOCALE enabled, and check that it
+	    # still succeeds.
+            obj=re.compile(pattern, re.LOCALE)
+            if result==None:
+                print '=== Fails on locale-sensitive match', t