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Added test case output for pyexpat module

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File Lib/test/output/test_pyexpat

+	xml-stylesheet href="stylesheet.css"
+	' comment data '
+Notation declared: ('notation', None, 'notation.jpeg', None)
+Unparsed entity decl:
+	('unparsed_entity', None, 'entity.file', None, 'notation')
+Start element:
+	root {}
+NS decl:
+	myns
+Start element:
+!subelement {}
+Character data:
+	'Contents of subelements'
+End element:
+End of NS decl:
+	myns
+Start element:
+	sub2 {}
+Start of CDATA section
+Character data:
+	'contents of CDATA section'
+End of CDATA section
+End element:
+	sub2
+External entity ref:
+End element:
+	root