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All the news that's fit to print (I reviewed the CVS log since the
bump of patchlevel.h).

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 - SF #745055: Fix memory leaks in Tkapp_Split and Tkapp_SplitList.
+- On Posix systems, as of Python 2.2, the arguments for
+  socket.socket() default to AF_INET, SOCK_STREAM.  This is now so for
+  the Windows-specific wrapper in as well.
+- Backport SF #736892: Add argument sanity checking for __get__().
+- SF #742911: Fix segfault due to clearing weak references too late
+  for new-style class instances.
+- Backport SF 742860: new, improved __delitem__ for WeakKeyDictionary.
+- RPM spec file update from Sean Reifschneider.
+- Mac OS X specific backports for distutils/
 What's New in Python 2.2.3c1 ?
 Release date: 22-May-2003