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Collect together all detailed installation directories.

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 INCLUDEDIR=	$(prefix)/include
 SCRIPTDIR=	$(prefix)/lib
+# Detailed destination directories
+LIBP=		$(LIBDIR)/python$(VERSION)
 # Symbols used for using shared libraries
 SO=		@SO@
-DESTSHARED=	$(LIBDIR)/python$(VERSION)/sharedmodules
+DESTSHARED=	$(BINLIBDEST)/sharedmodules
 # Shell used by make (some versions default to the login shell, which is bad)
 SHELL=		/bin/sh
 # Install the library
 LIBSUBDIRS=	stdwin tkinter test $(MACHDEPS)
 libinstall:	python $(srcdir)/Lib/$(MACHDEP)
 		(cd $(srcdir)/Lib/$(MACHDEP); ./regen)
 # Install the include files
 		@for i in $(INCLUDEDIR) $(INCLUDEPY); \
 		do \
 # Install the lib*.a files and miscellaneous stuff needed by extensions
 # This goes into $(exec_prefix)
-LIBP=		$(LIBDIR)/python$(VERSION)
 LIBPL=		$(LIBP)/config
 libainstall:	all
 		@for i in $(LIBDIR) $(LIBP) $(LIBPL); \
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