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 What's New in IDLE 1.1a2?
-*Release date: XX-JUL-2004*
+*Release date: 05-AUG-2004*
 - checking sys.platform for substring 'win' was breaking IDLE docs on Mac
   (darwin).  Also, Mac Safari browser requires full file:// URIs.  SF 900580.

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 What's New in Python 2.4 alpha 2?
-*Release date: XX-XXX-2004*
+*Release date: 05-AUG-2004*
 Core and builtins
   implemented using the Java-style @decorator syntax, like so:
      def foo(bar):
-  (The PEP needs to be updated to reflect this XXX before 2.4a2)
+  (The PEP needs to be updated to reflect the current state)
 - When importing a module M raises an exception, Python no longer leaves M
   in sys.modules.  Before 2.4a2 it did, and a subsequent import of M would