cpython-withatomic / .hgtags

The 2.7 branch has multiple heads

Diff from to
 c1dc9e7986a2a8e1070ec7bee748520febef382e v2.6.6rc1
 e189dc8fd66154ef46d9cd22584d56669b544ca3 v2.6.6rc2
 9f8771e0905277f8b3c2799113a062fda4164995 v2.6.6
+b4107eb00b4271fb73a9e1b736d4f23460950778 v2.7a1
+adc85ebc7271cc22e24e816782bb2b8d7fa3a6b3 v2.7a2
+4180557b7a9bb9dd5341a18af199f843f199e46e v2.7a3
+d2e1027edde84a02853fcf9790f311f10f46cf0a v2.7a4
+61550a1302b07a731436a84b2d86eb2bab3b2fb0 v2.7b1
+6bb9891d4275bd42a69b3d903d13b687543c915d v2.7b2
+381c5eeb511038d091d8e0808c4b85087ed2f684 v2.7rc1
+13e5b0b2071a2a42067fb03facc931409fa6ba50 v2.7rc2
+2145593d108de62ebf770987a4ac2a57d268c9d1 v2.7
+63d9f00fea0730c1c437a50f64a42b7792bdcbfb v2.7.1rc1
+5395f96588d4f0199d329cb79eb109648dc4ef5e v2.7.1
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