cpython-withatomic / Makefile.in

The branch 'legacy-trunk' does not exist.
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 CFLAGS=		$(OPT) -I. $(DEFS)
 LIBRARY=	libpython$(VERSION).a
 # Default target
 all:		$(LIBRARY) python sharedmods
 		$(AR) cr $(LIBRARY) getbuildinfo.o
 		cd Modules;  $(MAKE) OPT="$(OPT)" VERSION="$(VERSION)" \
 			prefix="$(prefix)" exec_prefix="$(exec_prefix)" \
-			LIBRARY=../$(LIBRARY) link
+			LIBRARY=../$(LDLIBRARY) link
 Modules/python.o: $(srcdir)/Modules/python.c
 		cd Modules; $(MAKE) OPT="$(OPT)" python.o
 		(cd dgux;ar x ../$^;ld -G -o ../$@ * )
 		/bin/rm -rf ./dgux
+# This rule is here for OPENSTEP/Rhapsody/MacOSX
+libpython$(VERSION).dylib: $(LIBRARY)
+		libtool -o $(LDLIBRARY) -dynamic $(OTHER_LIBTOOL_OPT) $(LIBRARY) -framework System @LIBTOOL_CRUFT@ 
 $(SUBDIRS):	Makefiles
 			fi; \
 		$(INSTALL_PROGRAM) python$(EXE) $(BINDIR)/python$(VERSION)$(EXE)
 		if test -f libpython$(VERSION).so; then \
 			$(INSTALL_DATA) libpython$(VERSION).so $(LIBDIR); \
 		else	true; \
 localclobber:	localclean
-		-rm -f tags TAGS python $(LIBRARY) *.o
+		-rm -f tags TAGS python $(LIBRARY) $(LDLIBRARY) *.o
 		-rm -f config.log config.cache config.h
 clobber:	localclobber
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