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 appropriate machine with the appropriate options).  This creates the
 necessary subdirectories and the Makefiles therein.  The Makefiles
 contain a line VPATH=... which points to directory containing the
-actual sources.
+actual sources.  (On SGI systems, use "smake" instead of "make" if you
+use VPATH -- don't try gnumake.)
 For example, the following is all you need to build a minimal Python
 in /usr/tmp/python (assuming ~guido/src/python is the toplevel
-To use the readline library in this case, you will have to create a
-subdirectory of your build directory called readline, copy
-readline/Makefile into it, edit the Makefile to contain a proper VPATH
-line (and possibly edit the compiler flags set in the Makefile), and
-pass the configure script a --with-readline=DIRECTORY option giving it
-the absolute (!) pathname of the readline build directory.
 Note that Modules/Makefile copies the original Setup file to the build
 directory if it finds no Setup file there.  This means that you can
 edit the Setup file for each architecture independently.  For this