cpython-withatomic / TODO

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-(-) always use my getopt.c
+(-) support lists in newgetargs()
-(-) get Extensions/X11/Doc checked in and out
+(-) syntax errors detected during compilation should give line number
+(-) rwmode, filemode should be made optional; same for gdbm
+(-) find a bsd hash interface
+(-) posix.mkdir(): mode should be made optional
+(-) find a more useful order than alphabetical for Doc/libfuncs.tex
+(*) use my getopt.c on Linux
+(*) get Extensions/X11/Doc checked in and out
 (-) investigate PPRC <URL:>
 (*) add buffering parameter to fdopen() and popen()
-(-) "f()=0" generates syntax error msg without line number
 (-) interface to getdtablesize() in posix
 (-) reentrancy with global variables vs. decref in
 ./Modules/cdmodule.c ./Modules/flmodule.c ./Objects/accessobject.c
 ./Objects/frameobject.c ./Python/traceback.c
-(-) check reentrancy in list updates?
+(*) fix reentrancy in list updates?
 (-) speed up regsub.gsub