cpython-withatomic / .hgignore

Author Commit Message Labels Comments Date
Brett Cannon
Ignore the file under OS X.
Georg Brandl
Add new generated file to ignoreds.
Antoine Pitrou
Add pgen.stamp to svn:ignore and friends
Antoine Pitrou
Reimplement addbuilddir() in C inside getpath.c, so as to execute it
Barry Warsaw
PEP 3147
Antoine Pitrou
Merged revisions 80060 via svnmerge from
Benjamin Peterson
Merged revisions 79548,79557,79616-79617,79716,79778,79795,79803,79896 via svnmerge from
Antoine Pitrou
Merged revisions 79160 via svnmerge from
Alexandre Vassalotti
Add ignore rule for the Doc/tools/jinga2/ directory.
Alexandre Vassalotti
Merged revisions 73930-73932,73937-73939,73945,73951,73954,73962-73963,73970 via svnmerge from
Antoine Pitrou
Merged revisions 72900 via svnmerge from