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This directory contains a Makefile that will create a proof-of-concept
Mac OS X application for Python. The process is far from streamlined,
and it will definitely change in future releases of Python, but I wanted to
include this in the current distribution so people could play with it.

To create a fullblown proceed as follows.

1. In the main Python source directory configure python with
   configure --enable-framework
2. Do a "make clean" if you did a previous build, then "make".
3. Install this as a framework with "make frameworkinstall". This puts a Python
   framework into /Library/Frameworks.
4. Come back here (Mac/OSX) and build and install the application,
   with "make install".
5. It is probably a good idea to add the Mac-specific modules to the framework,
   with "make installmacsubtree". This puts a MacPython lib directory into
   sys.prefix/Mac/Lib. Again, this is a temporary measure.
6. To actually find the Lib directory installed in step 5 you add a line
   to your file (the one in /Library/Frameworks/....):
   sys.path.append(os.path.join(sys.prefix, 'Mac/Lib'))

You are now done. In your Applications you should have a "Python", with the icon
being a falling 16 Ton weight with a shadow under it. You can drop Python scripts
on this and the will be run, in a full-windowing environment. Note that you
do not get sys.stdin, and that sys.stdout goes to the console (Use
Applications/Utilities/Console to see it).

For some reason the application only accepts files with TEXT type, not straight unix
typeless files.

Something to take note of is that the ".rsrc" files in the distribution are not
actually resource files, they're AppleSingle encoded resource files.

	Jack Jansen,, 11-Sep-01.