cpython-withatomic / Grammar / Makefile

The branch 'legacy-trunk' does not exist.
TOP=		..
PGENDIR=	$(TOP)/Parser
PGEN=		$(PGENDIR)/pgen
DESTH=		$(TOP)/Include/graminit.h
DESTC=		$(TOP)/Python/graminit.c

all:		install

install:	$(DESTH) $(DESTC)


$(DESTH):	graminit.h
		cp graminit.h $(DESTH)

$(DESTC):	graminit.c
		cp graminit.c $(DESTC)

graminit.c graminit.h: $(PGEN) Grammar
		$(PGEN) Grammar

		cd $(PGENDIR); make pgen

		-rm -f *.o core *~ [@,#]* *.old *.orig *.rej
		-rm -f graminit.[ch]

clobber:	clean
		-rm -f tags TAGS
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