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[Excerpt from an email describing how to build Python on AIX.]

Subject: Re: Python 1.0.0 BETA 5 -- also for Macintosh!
From: se@MI.Uni-Koeln.DE (Stefan Esser)
Date: Fri, 7 Jan 1994 17:40:43 +0100


The following are [...] Instructions
to get a clean compile using gcc and xlc
under AIX 3.2.4.

Since I wanted to make sure that Python compiles
using both compilers and several sets of options
(ANSI and traditional C, optimize on/off) I didn't
try to include bash readline or other optional 

'make test' succeeded using Python compiled with 
the AIX C-compiler invoked as 'cc' and with options 
'-o -qMEMMAX=4000' and compiled with 'gcc' and 
options '-O -Wall'.

There were some problems trying to compile python
using 'gcc -ansi' (because of _AIX no longer being
defined), but I didn't have time to look into this.


Stefan Esser


1) AIX compilers don't like the LANG env
   varaiable set to european locales.
   This makes the compiler generate floating
   point constants using "," as the decimal 
   seperator, which the assembler doesnt't 
   understand (or was it the other way around,
   with the assembler expecting "," in float
   numbers ???).
   Anyway: "LANG=C; export LANG" solves the 
   problem, as does "LANG=C $(MAKE) ..." in 
   the master Makefile.


2) The xlc compiler considers "Python/ceval.c"
   too complex to optimize, except when invoked
   with "-qMEMMAX=4000".