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\section{Standard module \sectcode{macostools}}

This module contains some convenience routines for file-manipulation
on the Macintosh.

The \code{macostools} module defines the following functions:

\renewcommand{\indexsubitem}{(in module macostools)}

\begin{funcdesc}{copy}{src\, dst\optional{\, createpath}}
Copy file \var{src} to \var{dst}. The files can be specified as
pathnames or \code{FSSpec} objects. If \var{createpath} is non-zero
\var{dst} must be a pathname and the folders leading to the
destination are created if necessary.
The method copies data and resource fork and some finder information
(creator, type and flags). Custom icons, comments and icon position
are not copied.

\begin{funcdesc}{copytree}{src\, dst}
Recursively copy a file tree from \var{src} to \var{dst}, creating
folders as needed. \var{Src} and \var{dst} should be specified as

\begin{funcdesc}{mkalias}{src\, dst}
Create a finder alias \var{dst} pointing to \var{src}. Both may be
specified as pathnames or \var{FSSpec} objects.

The buffer size for \code{copy}, default 1 megabyte.

Note that the process of creating finder aliases is not specified in
the Apple documentation. Hence, aliases created with \code{mkalias}
could conceivably have incompatible behaviour in some cases.