1. Armin Rigo
  2. cpython-withatomic


cpython-withatomic / Lib / shutil.py

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# Module 'shutil' -- utility functions usable in a shell-like program

import os

MODEBITS = 010000	# Lower 12 mode bits
# Change this to 01000 (9 mode bits) to avoid copying setuid etc.

# Copy data from src to dst
def copyfile(src, dst):
	fsrc = open(src, 'r')
	fdst = open(dst, 'w')
	while 1:
		buf = fsrc.read(16*1024)
		if not buf: break

# Copy mode bits from src to dst
def copymode(src, dst):
	st = os.stat(src)
	mode = divmod(st[0], MODEBITS)[1]
	os.chmod(dst, mode)

# Copy all stat info (mode bits, atime and mtime) from src to dst
def copystat(src, dst):
	st = os.stat(src)
	mode = divmod(st[0], MODEBITS)[1]
	os.chmod(dst, mode)
	os.utime(dst, st[7:9])

# Copy data and mode bits ("cp src dst")
def copy(src, dst):
	copyfile(src, dst)
	copymode(src, dst)

# Copy data and all stat info ("cp -p src dst")
def copy2(src, dst):
	copyfile(src, dst)
	copystat(src, dst)

# Recursively copy a directory tree.
# The destination must not already exist.
def copytree(src, dst):
	names = os.listdir(src)
	os.mkdir(dst, 0777)
	dot_dotdot = (os.curdir, os.pardir)
	for name in names:
		if name not in dot_dotdot:
			srcname = os.path.join(src, name)
			dstname = os.path.join(dst, name)
			#print 'Copying', srcname, 'to', dstname
				#if os.path.islink(srcname):
				#	linkto = os.readlink(srcname)
				#	os.symlink(linkto, dstname)
				#elif os.path.isdir(srcname):
				if os.path.isdir(srcname):
					copytree(srcname, dstname)
					copy2(srcname, dstname)
				# XXX What about devices, sockets etc.?
			except os.error, why:
				print 'Could not copy', srcname, 'to', dstname,
				print '(', why[1], ')'