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Python Misc subdirectory

This directory contains files that wouldn't fit in elsewhere.  Some
documents are only of historic importance.

Files found here

ACKS                    Acknowledgements
build.sh                Script to build and test latest Python from the repository
gdbinit                 Handy stuff to put in your .gdbinit file, if you use gdb
HISTORY                 News from previous releases -- oldest last
indent.pro              GNU indent profile approximating my C style
NEWS                    News for this release (for some meaning of "this")
Porting                 Mini-FAQ on porting to new platforms
python-config.in        Python script template for python-config
python.man              UNIX man page for the python interpreter
python.pc.in            Package configuration info template for pkg-config
python-wing*.wpr        Wing IDE project file
README                  The file you're reading now
README.valgrind         Information for Valgrind users, see valgrind-python.supp
RPM                     (Old) tools to build RPMs
SpecialBuilds.txt       Describes extra symbols you can set for debug builds
TextMate                A TextMate bundle for Python development
valgrind-python.supp    Valgrind suppression file, see README.valgrind
vgrindefs               Python configuration for vgrind (a generic pretty printer)
Vim                     Python development utilities for the Vim editor