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This directory contains a collection of executable Python scripts.

Some perform Python housekeeping jobs (e.g., converting old syntax or
generating tags files), others are useful UNIX tools, are some are
just cute demos (e.g.,

A number of these of these deserve a link in your bin directory.  All
deserve study if you want to learn Python programming.

Table of contents:		Print product of a file's size and age		Check presence and validity of ".pyc" files		Convert old class syntax to new		Copy one file's atime and mtime to another			Translate #define's into Python assignments		Format du(1) output as a tree sorted by size		Create Emacs TAGS file for Python modules			Factorize numbers		Recursively find symbolic links to a given path prefix		Fix Python scripts' first line (if #!)		Massive identifier substitution on C source files		Add some cpp magic to a C include file			Summarize mailbox		Summarize ftp daemon log file		Remove #if(n)def groups from C sources		Make a copy of a tree with links to original files			Find and list symbolic links in current directory		Watch BSD line printer queues		Markov chain simulation of words or characters		Convert MH or MMDF mailboxes to unix mailbox format		Fix old method syntax def f(self, (a1, ..., aN)):		Produce morse code (audible or on AIFF file)		Turn a symbolic link into a real file or directory		test mpz -- print digits of pi (compare		Print object graph from nm output on a library		Change #!/usr/local/bin/python into something else		Print dependencies between Python modules			Print all digits of pi -- given enough time and memory		Indent Python code, giving block-closing comments			Emulate some Perl command line options		Print prime numbers		Create vi tags file for Python modules		Equivalent to BSD script(1) -- by Steen Lumholt			Sort a list of files by suffix			Print md5 checksums of files		Print unbirthday count		Find a program in $PATH			Wrapper for rcsdiff and ci