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bits shared by the stringobject and unicodeobject implementations (and
possibly other modules, in a not too distant future).

the stuff in here is included into relevant places; see the individual
source files for details.

the following defines used by the different modules:


    the type used to hold a character (char or Py_UNICODE)


    a PyObject representing the empty string, only to be used if

Py_ssize_t STRINGLIB_LEN(PyObject*)

    returns the length of the given string object (which must be of the
    right type)


    creates a new string object


    returns the pointer to the character data for the given string
    object (which must be of the right type)


    returns true if the object is an instance of our type, not a subclass


    must be 0 or 1 to tell the cpp macros in stringlib code if the object
    being operated on is mutable or not
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