cpython-withatomic / BeOS / linkcc

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#! /bin/sh
# linkcc for Python
# Chris Herborth (
# This is covered by the same copyright/licensing terms as the rest of
# Python.
# Shell script to build the Python shared library properly; if we haven't
# already built the export list, we'll need to link twice (argh...) so we
# can eliminate some unwatnted global symbols from the system glue/init
# objects.
# This is called by the Modules/Makefile as part of $(LINKCC):
#	-L.. -lpython$(VERSION) $(MODLIBS) $(LIBS) $(SYSLIBS) -o python $(LDLAST)
# In 1.5.1 this changed to:
#	$(LIBRARY) $(MODLIBS) $(LIBS) $(SYSLIBS) -o python $(LDLAST)
# For BeOS we should set $(LINKCC) to this in configure (similar to the
# AIX situation):
# $(srcdir)../BeOS/linkcc $(LIBRARY) $(PURIFY) $(CC) -nodup $(OPT)
# -L.. -lpython$(VERSION) will automagically pick up the shared library.

# Check to make sure we know what we're doing.
system="`uname -m`"
if [ "$system" != "BeMac" ] && [ "$system" != "BeBox" ] ; then
	echo "Sorry, BeOS Python doesn't support x86 yet."
	exit 1

LIBRARY="$1"; shift

# What we want to end up with.
LINK_DYNAMIC="-l`echo ${} | sed -e s,\\\.\\\./,, -e s,lib,,`"

# Grab the rest of the args and build them into the command used to
# link the python binary.  Make sure we link against the shared lib
# and not the static lib.
while [ "$#" != "0" ] ; do
	case "$1" in

# The shared libraries and glue objects we need to link against.
LIBS="-lbe -lnet -lroot"
GLUE="/boot/develop/lib/ppc/glue-noinit.a /boot/develop/lib/ppc/init_term_dyn.o"

# Unwanted symbols we need to eliminate; these are regular expressions
# passed to egrep.
SYMS="opterr optind optarg getopt __.* longjmp _.*_"

# Check to see if we've already got an exports file, and delete it if
# it's older than the lib.
if [ -e $EXPORTS ] && [ $LIBRARY -nt $EXPORTS ] ; then
	echo "Deleting old exports file for $DYNAMIC..."
	rm -f $EXPORTS

if [ ! -e $EXPORTS ] ; then
	# First link; create the exports file with the unwanted global symbols
	# in it.  It's a pity we don't have "nm" or something like that...
	rm -f temp-exports.exp
	mwcc -xms -f temp-exports.exp -o $DYNAMIC $LIBRARY $GLUE $LIBS -nodup

	# Now clean out those bad symbols.
	for sym in $SYMS ; do 
		rm -f temp-exports.exp2
		egrep -v "^$sym$" < temp-exports.exp > temp-exports.exp2
		mv -f temp-exports.exp2 temp-exports.exp

	rm -f temp-exports.exp2
	mv -f temp-exports.exp $EXPORTS

# Now link against the clean exports file.
mwcc -xms -f $EXPORTS -o $DYNAMIC $LIBRARY $GLUE $LIBS -nodup

# We'll need this or the python binary won't load
( cd .. ; ln -sf `pwd` lib )

# Now build the python binary.
echo "Link command: $LINK_CMD"