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Maintainers Index


This document is out of date and replaced by another version in the developer's guide at http://docs.python.org/devguide/experts

This document has tables that list Python Modules, Tools, Platforms and Interest Areas and names for each item that indicate a maintainer or an expert in the field. This list is intended to be used by issue submitters, issue triage people, and other issue participants to find people to add to the nosy list or to contact directly by email for help and decisions on feature requests and bug fixes. People on this list may be asked to render final judgement on a feature or bug. If no active maintainer is listed for a given module, then questionable changes should go to python-dev, while any other issues can and should be decided by any committer.

Unless a name is followed by a '*', you should never assign an issue to that person, only make them nosy. Names followed by a '*' may be assigned issues involving the module or topic.

The Platform and Interest Area tables list broader fields in which various people have expertise. These people can also be contacted for help, opinions, and decisions when issues involve their areas.

If a listed maintainer does not respond to requests for comment for an extended period (three weeks or more), they should be marked as inactive in this list by placing the word 'inactive' in parenthesis behind their tracker id. They are of course free to remove that inactive mark at any time.

Committers should update these tables as their areas of expertise widen. New topics may be added to the Interest Area table at will.

The existence of this list is not meant to indicate that these people must be contacted for decisions; it is, rather, a resource to be used by non-committers to find responsible parties, and by committers who do not feel qualified to make a decision in a particular context.

See also PEP 291 and PEP 360 for information about certain modules with special rules.

Tool Maintainers
pybench lemburg
Platform Maintainers
Cygwin jlt63, stutzbach
Mac ronaldoussoren, ned.deily
OS2/EMX aimacintyre
Windows tim.golden, brian.curtin
Interest Area Maintainers
ast/compiler ncoghlan, benjamin.peterson, brett.cannon, georg.brandl
bug tracker ezio.melotti
bytecode pitrou
data formats mark.dickinson, georg.brandl
database lemburg
documentation georg.brandl, ezio.melotti
i18n lemburg
import machinery brett.cannon, ncoghlan
io pitrou, benjamin.peterson, stutzbach
locale lemburg, loewis
mathematics mark.dickinson, eric.smith, lemburg, stutzbach
memory management tim_one, lemburg
networking giampaolo.rodola
packaging tarek, lemburg
py3 transition benjamin.peterson
release management tarek, lemburg, benjamin.peterson, barry, loewis, gvanrossum, anthonybaxter
str.format eric.smith
testing michael.foord, pitrou, giampaolo.rodola, ezio.melotti
threads pitrou
time and dates lemburg, belopolsky
unicode lemburg, ezio.melotti, haypo
version control