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Coverity has a static analysis tool (Prevent) which is similar to Klocwork.
They run their tool on the Python source code (SVN head) on a daily basis.
The results are available at:

About 20 people have access to the analysis reports.  Other
people can be added by request.

Prevent was first run on the Python 2.5 source code in March 2006.
There were originally about 100 defects reported.  Some of these
were false positives.  Over 70 issues were uncovered.

Each warning has a unique id and comments that can be made on it.
When checking in changes due to a warning, the unique id
as reported by the tool was added to the SVN commit message.

False positives were annotated so that the comments can
be reviewed and reversed if the analysis was incorrect.

Contact for more information.
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