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GNU readline 2.2 for BeOS

You can get the original GNU readline 2.2 source code from your favourite
GNU software repository, such as ftp://prep.ai.mit.edu/pub/gnu/.

You can get the only-slightly-modified-for-BeOS version of GNU readline 2.2
from the GeekGadgets repository; ftp://ftp.ninemoons.com/pub/geekgadgets/.

BUILDING libreadline for BeOS hosts

Note that we don't build a shared library version of libreadline and
libhistory.  That's left as an exercise for the reader.

You won't be able to link against libreadline.a using the limited linker.

1) If you're on a PowerPC system, install the POSIX ar from 
   (note that it's currently packaged with Python, in the BeOS/ar-1.1
   If you're on an x86 system, you can leave out the "AR=ar-posix" part
   of the following instructions.  In fact, you'll have to...

2) For PowerPC, configure with:

   CC=mwcc CFLAGS="-O7 -i- -I." AR=ar-posix RANLIB=: ./configure --verbose \
   --without-gcc --prefix=/boot/home/config powerpc-*-beos

   For x86, configure with:
   CC=mwcc CFLAGS="-O2 -i- -I." RANLIB=: ./configure --verbose \
   --without-gcc --prefix=/boot/home/config x86-*-beos

   Don't worry about the warnings/errors configure spews for
   powerpc-*-beos or x86-*-beos; readline doesn't actually use this host 
   information    for anything, although configure will die if you don't 
   specify it.

3) Edit config.h to comment out "#define HAVE_SELECT 1"; select() on
   BeOS doesn't work on file descriptors (such as stdin).

4) For PowerPC, make with:

   make AR=ar-posix 

   For x86, make with:

5) Install with:

   make install

- Chris Herborth (chrish@qnx.com)
  April 21, 1998