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"Long HTML" Version of the Python Documentation

  This package provides an alternate HTML formatting of the Python
  documentation.  Each HTML file represents one chapter from a manual,
  or the entirety of a "How-To" document.  This mwans there are far
  fewer individual HTML files than the normal formatting.

  The purpose of this alternate formatting is to provide on-demand
  publishers with a format that is easier to convert to the
  proprietary formats used in printing.  This allows the printed
  versions of the documentation to be kept up-to-date more easily than
  would be the case if only the more user-centric HTML format were

  Anyone is free to use this version for any purpose, so long as the
  copyrights are maintained according to the license statement.  These
  files are available to all users, including competing on-demand
  publishers and re-packagers.

Contact Information

  If you have questions regarding this distribution, please send email


  Additional information and formats of these documents are available
  on the Internet.  For current packages of these documents and links
  to additional materials, please see: