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\chapter{UNIX Specific Services}

The modules described in this chapter provide interfaces to features
that are unique to the \UNIX{} operating system, or in some cases to
some or many variants of it.  Here's an overview:


--- The most common Posix system calls (normally used via module \code{os}).

--- Common Posix pathname manipulations (normally used via \code{os.path}).

--- The password database (\code{getpwnam()} and friends).

--- The group database (\code{getgrnam()} and friends).

--- The (\code{crypt()} function used to check Unix passwords).

--- The standard ``database'' interface, based on \code{ndbm}.

--- GNU's reinterpretation of dbm.

--- Posix style tty control.

--- The \code{fcntl()} and \code{ioctl()} system calls.

--- A file-like object with support for locking.